Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Clutter in Feng Shui

Any type of clutter produces unbalance, and disharmony in spaces. This results in Ch’i, which is the vital energy force, to become less healthy under these conditions. In addition to the chaos that this brings to the Ch’i in physical places, your personal Ch’i can also be affected by your surroundings leading to negative moods and feelings.

Although physical clutter can be easy to identify since this includes items such as stacks of disorganized paperwork, old magazines no-one reads, the junk drawer in the kitchen, piles of forgotten belongings inside closets and boxes of abandoned items in the basement, a less obvious clutter to identify is the emotional and spiritual one.

These forms of clutter build up inside the body and lead to tension and unhappiness. Holding grudges, feeling angry or resentful, or living with worry, fear or anxiety can all produce emotional or spiritual clutter.

Why keeping clutter?

Some of the reasons are the following:

  1. Emotional attachment.
  2. I’ll need it some time thinking.
  3. Security on material possessions

De-Cluttering Process:

To begin this process once you feel comfortable with the idea of letting go of what no longer serves you because you understand the energy-balancing benefits of removing it, you must answer these questions as honest as possible to achieve the most effective results:

  1. Which items in this room/space do you love?
  2. Which items in this room/space do you need?
  3. Do these possessions reflect your self-image?
  4. Do these possessions fit your lifestyle?
  5. What kind of feelings, emotions, and memories do these items evoke? Are these feelings positive or negative?
  6. What needs to be repaired and when are you going to do it?
  7. If you decide to clear out items in good condition, will you sell or donate them? When would you do this?
  8. What are you going to throw out? When are you going to do it?

Once you have started the clutter-clearing process, you will soon realize that the hardest part of de-cluttering was finding the motivation to do it.

Just keep the vision alive of the results this will create for a better environment to healthy Ch’i flow.