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My prayer is for you to read this story through the eyes of compassion rather than judgment and see that miracles happen every day, even when you are not consciously aware.

I was sitting across the water in a place near our campsite when a man in his late thirties approached me and said he didn’t believe in a power greater than ours. I nodded in surprise, not in agreement.

He explained that his relationship was turning upside down and that his daughter was addicted to drugs. On top of that, his family was about to lose the house they were living in.

He was lacking faith, and he was unfulfilled.

As I had reconciled with my past hurts, I shared with him the power of integrating faith and hope by acting effectively to solve the problem and not just the symptoms of the problem. We must believe that we are on an evolutionary process where problems are temporary and an opportunity for growth. As I shared more about my life, he felt more at ease, eager to listen and compelled to open his heart.

He then asked, “Can I learn from your mistakes? How can I help my daughter and live a life of purpose?”

I was happy to help.

“Source, God, the universe is living through you, with you and for you,” I told him. “You are not alone!”

Once our conversation reached the point of reflection, where his soul was in alignment with a state of connection to the love of God and his mind focused past his failures, he genuinely smiled and said, “I feel like I have known you, like I’ve met you before.”

I said, “Yes, our souls were meant to connect at this moment, so I can be of service and help you regain trust and faith that everything happens for a reason.”

“You should write a book,” he said.

He was not the first person to tell me that I should write a book, so I followed my heart and let God, the source, the universe, and the angels work through me and guide me as I wrote this book.

I share my journey up until this moment because I no longer let the ego shame me for my past; therefore, I am detached from it and no longer feel identified with it.


This book has three parts.

Part I is my personal journey, Part II details how to transform darkness into light in 222 hours broken out into nine days, and Part III has valuable information about nourishment for the physical body, mind, and spirit.

We all come into being on this planet with little to no instruction on how to live life to its fullest, how to make the least mistakes to avoid the suffering, and resistant to change.

As we grow old, we all acquire different skills and wisdom based on our experiences; such experience can be biased, shaping our worldview differently from others’. Whatever experiences you have gone through, there is so much more to learn and discover. Transforming darkness into light is a unique process, where the conflicts dissipate as you acknowledge the power within you and live a purposeful life connected to a loving universe where everything is possible.

Part I includes stories from a difficult childhood, which resulted in a toxic adult relationship, and then my embarking on a self-healing journey after a near-death experience and encouragement from a doctor that my life wasn’t over.

Part II includes practical yet powerful tools to be applied with discipline in the course of nine days that will transform your whole being in the following ways: connecting with God’s messengers—the angels; recognizing the ego; shifting your perception from how you have been conditioned from the past; practicing forgiveness; manifestation; loving yourself just as you are; raising your personal frequency; mediation; living in your gift; and so much more.

Part III offers wisdom on becoming a smart shopper by explaining nutritional labels, different diets, traditional medicine, and more.

In conclusion, taking responsibility of your being and becoming aware of ways to expand and grow with courage can take you to unimaginable places. Are you ready to begin your journey to let your true self shine?

You will undertake a journey because you’re
not at home in this world.
And you will search for your home whether
you realize where it is or not.

If you believe it is outside you, the search will be futile, for you
will be seeking it where it is not.

You do not remember how to look within, for you do
not believe your home is there.

Yet the Holy Spirit remembers it for you, and he will guide you to your
home because that is his mission.

As he fulfills his mission, he will teach you yours,
for your mission is the same as his.

By guiding your brothers home, you are but following him.

From A Course in Miracles

Part I

My Personal Journey

A Difficult Start

And there I am, still in the womb, still forming into a little baby girl, screaming in pain, though unheard, because someone is kicking me. Who hates me so much that he wants to hurt me, that he wants me dead? Sucking on my thumb, I beg the pain to stop. Before the kicking started, I was stretching and beginning to extend my arms and legs. I hear Mom. Wait, she is touching her belly and me. Oh, no. What can be going on that makes my mother throw up? Is she upset? Did I do something wrong? I hear fighting. She is running for her life. Then the commotion seems to stop, and I am in a state of calmness. My mom is touching her belly again and eating. I can’t wait to be in her arms and tell her how much I love her.

Time passes, and I notice I am getting bigger and bigger and flipping upside down. I want out! I want out! The doctor gives me a slap, and I start to cry, but then my mom takes me in her arms. Mom, thank you for bringing me into this world, I say with a smile. Of course, I can’t speak words. Still, I know my mom understands what I am saying. I still wonder who was kicking me, wanting me gone and making my mom sick.

About ten years earlier and on the other side of the world, another woman with a big heart was expecting a very special child. This mother-to-be loved God with all her heart and devoted time to pray each day. Her compassion touched those in need. One night she had a powerful dream. In the dream someone told her she was going to have a very special boy, and she should name him Zoroaster, like the spiritual leader and ethical philosopher. In Tehran, Iran, at eight in the morning on a month in autumn, this special boy was born.

Zoroaster was the oldest of four kids who liked to go see his grandparents in the village where they lived. He felt a connection to Mother Earth, mountains, and nature. Whenever he saw elderly people carrying heavy bags or any other tasks that might require extra strength, he was there to help them. His favorite fruit was bananas. Since they didn’t grow in Iran, they were a very rare, delicious treat.

In October 1980, Iraq invaded Iran. A war started, which was soon followed by a long history of border disputes. Iraq wanted to replace Iran as the dominant state on the Persian Gulf, an important channel for both states’ oil exports. Dictator Saddam Hussein claimed the reason for the invasion was a territorial dispute. The war consequently took many lives, including those of children and women, and it created traumatic memories for those who survived. The tactics used during this war were compared to those of World War I, including deliberate attacks targeting Iranian civilians with weapons of mass destruction and the extensive use of chemical weapons along with bombs.

Zoroaster’s mother still recalls the missile strikes targeting Iranian people in Tehran, the city where her whole family lived, and people trapped in collapsed buildings. Fleeing refugees like Zoroaster and his family survived, many of them migrating to Canada.

But at that time, I was yet to be born, and I had no idea my path might one day cross with the path of that special boy. It wasn’t until years after my own birth, across the globe from Iran in Colombia, South America, that I learned the whole truth of what was going on while my mom was pregnant with me. My mother was a sixteen-year-old high school student and in love when she accidentally became pregnant with my dad’s baby—me! My dad, also a high school student, was seventeen years old and in love with Mom too. He wanted her—and me—to have a better life than he had. The Colombian mafia had recently kidnapped his father, and the kidnappers wanted a substantial amount of money to release him. Of course, no one had that kind of money, so they tortured him until he could not fight for his life any longer.

My mother’s mother, my maternal grandmother, wanted to hide in shame when she found out I was on the way. My mom hid her pregnancy for a long time by putting really tight gauze around her belly, which explained the pressure I felt and why I experienced some difficulty when I tried to extend my arms and legs. My mother told only her best friend about my existence. She also shared with her that she was thinking about having an abortion. But my grandmother received a mysterious phone call about me and my mother’s plans. Once my grandmother found out, she got very angry. She couldn’t believe her daughter had betrayed her by getting pregnant at such early age. My grandmother, like any other mother, wanted my mom to continue her education and not be stuck raising kids her whole life. Now she was disappointed and scared for her daughter.


As a child, I felt an energetic and powerful yet calming presence. It gave me a feeling of safety. Since I couldn’t explain what it was or where it came from, I decided it was best to keep it a secret. My mom and her friends had weekly get-togethers led by their friend, Vivian, who was a gifted medium. All the kids were forbidden to witness the adults’ world during these gatherings. But my curiosity always took me places where I was not supposed to go, so I would sneak into the room and watch what they were doing. First they would offer a prayer. Vivian, leading the prayer, would close her eyes halfway, rolling them at the same time. What I saw happening was energy being formed in the air and then going through her head. Once this energy spirit was in her body, her voice changed, and her eyes were halfway open as she sipped on a glass of wine and smoked a cigar. I learned that while this particular spirit was alive, he liked wine and cigars.

These meetings were typically for the people in the group who needed guidance in their lives or for the future to be revealed to them so they could be better prepared and make the right choice in the present. The spirit answered all the questions quickly and confidently, using accurate details. It was as if the spirit had been in these people’s lives before. Witnessing that moment made an impression on me, and I sneaked in on these sessions as often as I could.

I viewed everything from an early age as if the world were painted in rainbow colors. It was a thrilling, magical place full of adventures. I loved to go for walks in the park. I smelled the flowers and talked to the bees and butterflies. I took a book to read and my colored pencils, so I could draw while I rested against the trunk of a tree. I watched the clouds as they moved and saw different shapes and figures forming on the blue sky. I always imagined there were infinite possibilities for dreamers like me, where anything one thinks of can manifest itself in different shapes and forms. I dreamed of a world where love was the religion everyone followed and where all the countries ended segregation and came together to end poverty. I knew about poverty from witnessing the homeless children selling candy on the street and those who slept under a bridge and cleaned windshields in exchange for money. Those images made me wish for a more peaceful, just world.

Animals were always my passion. From an early age, I told everyone that when I grew up, I wanted to become a veterinarian. I felt an incredible connection with all the animals and a deep compassion for ones that didn’t have a home. Mom often found me with food in my pockets to feed any animal I encountered on my walks to the park. Animals were not just my friends; they gave me the strength to believe there was something meaningful to live for. And when my mother took her anger out on me, I cuddled with my dog, Cindy, after the beating.

Animals have a deep connection to our Mother Earth. They have a deeper respect than we humans have for the suffering our carelessness causes the earth. We often act thoughtlessly toward future generations by abusing the resources our earth gives us. However, with an awakening of consciousness, we can reduce pollution. We can stop killing animals for fashion purposes. We can reuse, recycle, and much, much more. Then we will assure future generations get to see the beauty of this world.

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