Feng Shui Consultation

What is Feng Shui?

It is an ancient Chinese practice of managing, balancing, and harmonizing your environment.

It can help improve health, wealth and overall happiness in all aspects of people’s lives, from relationships to careers.

It brings balance to your home and outdoors by enriching lives and by fostering better energy balance in the living environments.

The fundamental belief in Feng Shui is that everyone and everything in the universe is connected by a web of energy flows. This energy is called “Ch’i” (Cosmic energy, Universal life force, vital energy). A person’s environment deeply affects a person’s health, wealth, relationships, finances, and career. Balancing and managing Ch’i effectively will lead to positive outcomes in all of these areas.

Yin Yang energies are brought into balance with each other as they work on a continuum never complete separate from each other and so strive to become one another by flow and movement represented by its circular shape and the S-curve dividing the light and dark. Harmony is achieved when balance is obtained through Yin and Yang. Yin representing as stable, dark, passive, dim, shadowy, or cold and Yang representing strong, light, illuminating, transforming or hot.

Yin Yang as it flows in and out of each other results in “the five elements,” which translates to “five things being done.” The five elements are Earth, Metal, Fire, Wood, and Water. Boosting or downplaying The Elements and their characteristics in the appropriate locations will bring Ch’i into better balance.