Blood Type Diet

According to Dr. Peter D’Adamos genetic variations in the blood have certain pre-disposition to what foods should be eaten.

People with type A evolved when agriculture began and are most likely of European or Japanese descend. They are known to be cooperative, sensitive, orderly, settled, and cultivators. It is recommended for the diet to stick to carbohydrate-filled, low-fat fruits and vegetables and very little meat or dairy.

People with type B are more likely to naturally tolerate dairy. Their ancestors are thought to be from Europe, India and Eastern Asia. People with this blood type are more balanced, nomadic, flexible, and creative. It is suggested for people with this type of blood to stay away from processed food, as this food lacks many essential nutrients. A balanced and healthy mix with protein and carbs is also recommended.

People with type AB blood have the most recently evolved blood type. These people are rare, enigma, mysterious, and highly sensitive. The best approach of diet is the vegetarian kind with small amounts of protein like fish or chicken as well as small amounts of dairy.

People with type O blood have the most common blood type and are thought to be descended from Africans and American Indians who were hunters and survived by eating meat. This type should get a fair amount of protein from meat, with fruit and vegetables contributing to their diet as well. It is recommended to avoid dairy, wheat, pasta, and some legumes (kidney beans and lentils).

Atkins Diet

Carbohydrates and fat provide fuel for the body. When carbohydrates are available, the body transforms them into energy first, and any excess of carbohydrates are stored as fat. When carbs are sufficiently restricted, the body burns fat for fuel, including already stored own body fat, which allows people to lose weight or maintain their goal weight. Furthermore, people choose this diet because its benefits gives many individuals renewed hope that they can take charge of not only their weight but some of their cardiovascular risk factors and their overall health. Once a person successfully navigates the initial few weeks of metabolic transition, he or she usually experiences a reduction in appetite and cravings. Atkins Diet also offers a lifestyle people can stay with long enough to see dramatic results. Any individual who is carbohydrate intolerant can also benefit from the Atkins diet since carbohydrates puts stress on the body causing spikes in blood sugar and a rush of insulin from the pancreas, followed by a drop in blood sugar causing hunger and cravings.


According to Loren Cordain, PhD, who believes that humans were biologically and genetically designed to eat what our ancestors ate prior to the agricultural revolution about 500 hundred generations ago. Back then they thrived off of meat, fish, fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, and any food that came naturally from mother earth. This list doesn’t include the food that we have adapted to because of our sedentary lifestyle, calorie-rich food, and nutrient-depleted western diet such as lean cuisine, granola bars, or any other packaged foods. A combination of physical activity and eating what our ancestors ate meets the guidelines of this diet.