Let Your True Self Shine

How to Transform Darkness into Light in 222 Hours

If you’ve ever lost sight of your dreams and hopes, you’re not alone.

Nathalie Johnson suffered through unthinkable trauma as a child before being forced into an impossible situation as a young bride, but in this spiritual guidebook her life story becomes a message of hope.

At one low point, Nathalie descended into a darkness she thought she would never emerge from. Then she began to dream of angels, and everything changed. These vivid, peaceful dreams left her marveling when she awoke. Each subsequent dream continued where the previous left off with an ever-expanding cast of angels and celestial beings. The dreams washed over her with overpowering feeling of love, warmth, belonging, and acceptance. The experience was indescribable, and working through it opened her soul to realize what she is meant to do: work with angels.

In Let Your True Self Shine, the author reveals what she’s learned by interacting with angels, offering a 222-hour plan broken into nine days of inspiration, exercises, and attainable goals for finding your way through the darkness and into the light.

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