Angels were part of the creation before humans walked on this Earth. Whether you know it or not, these angels are here to provide you guidance and help you become aware of patterns of fear that block your from living your true life purpose. Being aligned with the true purpose you came to this life time into this world.  Angels, who represent different aspects of God are constantly communicating with us. It is up to us to listen to this guidance and tune in our awareness to their heavenly messages. Although angels do not have physical ears, they hear our prayers by the energy emitted from our bodies. They understand our true divinity because they are connected to the truth, they know that our soul is eternal and our physical body is living a human experience for growth and evolution. We are now at a time on Earth in which we know that the world we live in is going through major changes for humanity to evolve to a  higher consciousness.This is  bringing the awareness of how much power we have as humans to impact the rest of the world with our pure intention.Angels are here to share and guide you to see that you are the masters of your truth.  Love, pure essence of the universe.

Hierarchy of The Angels

Starting by the Seraphim, which are the ones closest to the throne of God and the angels of love, fire, and light. The second order is the cherub, angels of love and air (often drawn as chubby babies and cupids), following by the Thrones- the third in the celestial hierarchy, bridge between the material and the justice and it is through Thrones that God brings his justice to bear upon us. The fourth are the Dominios who oversee the angels, according to God’s will and are the oldest angels. Fifth are the Virtues-chief bestowers of grace and valor. These angels govern the order of the physical universe and watch over our planets solar system including earth. The sixth are the powers, as their name implies, they stop the effort of destruction that would overthrow the world; thus, bringing peace. The seventh are the principalities, they protect nations and inspire leaders to make right decisions. The eighth are the archangels who oversee mankind and guardian angels. Each archangel represents an aspect of God. And the guardian angels who are ninth in the celestial order, every person is assigned guardian angels who will accompanied you throughout your life and guide you.