About Nathalie

Nathalie became aware of the existence of angels from an early age. Later in life she realized that connecting to the angels gave her the guidance to her truth.

She grew up in a very challenging atmosphere and trouble family dynamics, but always felt an unseen force so powerful that gave her the strength to keep on going.

Years later with her science background, she worked in several animal hospitals and truly enjoyed connecting with the animal kingdom, but knew there was a part of her that still felt she could do more in this world. Oftentimes people would come to her and feel a sense of peace after talking to her. Her heart felt full of joy every time she could help someone, for life can be very difficult at times.

Fast-forwarding to later years, after she had a near death experience, she wanted to go back to what she had experienced, better described as an absolute unfathomable love and the oneness with the universe.

This yearning was caused because she did not understand why the world is in chaos, why animals are being mistreated, and people suffering.

She then asked:

“Dear God, please take me back home, so I can be closer to you” As the words were forming in thought, she began to feel as if a powerful vortex had just opened up and the energy in the room was magnified. Following by a vision she had of a being of light radiating an utterly brilliant light accompanied with a feeling of an unfathomable love. This experience brought her whole body to an ecstasy and blissfulness difficult to describe. Seconds later the light disappeared from her outer physical visual perception, yet she still felt the powerful presence around her.

Consequently, her life changed after she had that angel vision and continued experiencing the angels’ pure consciousness of love through recurring vivid dreams. She did not just feel their presence constantly like when she was a child, but she began to notice she had the ability to see these extraordinary beings around people, plants and animals.

The experiences of seeing across the veil of heaven opened her up to develop a profound relationship with the angels and propelled her to embrace her soul calling and teach people aspects of spirituality and the angelic realm. 

Nathalie attempted to describe her experience as best as she could. However as the Course of Miracles states, “Revelation is intensely personal and can not actually be translated into conscious content at all. That is why an attempt to describe it in words is usually incomprehensible.” Principle of Miracles #40.

As she nurtured and developed more of her gifts, she trusted her guidance and attended a Charles Virtue Angel Certified Practitioner ® workshop. This was a transformative experience because it provided her with more tools to be in service of people. In addition, this led her to the exploration of other holistic approaches to continue taking care of her mind, body and spirit as well as to uncover more healing modalities.

“You are your own master and your own healer. I am simply here to guide you, provide you information that would best serve you at this time and to bring you clarity to a more fulfilling life. Trust that you are where you need to be; every situation has a bigger purpose than what can be perceived.”


Nathalie Johnson has just released her new book, Let Your True Self Shine: How to Transform Darkness into Light in 222 Hours. Please click the link below to order and learn more about this book.